What are CHPS Pre-Approved Products?

Whether you are pursuing Verified recognition from CHPS  or certification under LEED or just looking for products guaranteed to meet high standards for indoor environmental quality and/or resource conservation, we are on a mission to make it easy for school personnel and design professionals to select, specify, and document building materials that meet our criteria. CHPS Pre-Approved Products have been reviewed and certified by CHPS to meet our requirements for Low Emitting Materials*, Recycled Content, Certified Wood, Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs) and/or Product Health Information Reporting (e.g. HPDs).

*CHPS follows CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method v1.2 for low VOC materials. CHPS Products approved as low emitting also meet LEED v4/4.1 requirements.

    Why get your product approved by CHPS?

    If you are a Manufacturer,

    • CHPS Products have visibility in the market.
    • CHPS Products meeting CDPH Standard Method v1.2 for VOC content are recognized by both CHPS and LEED as valid for Low Emitting Materials prerequisites and credits.
    • CHPS Products are appealing to designers, specifiers, and school administrations because the CHPS Certificate guarantees the product meets high standards.

    CHPS Members get one free product certificate per year and a discount on listing with our partners (see below under Using our New Listings).

    Manufacturers wishing to earn the CHPS Pre-Approved Product designation, please contact us for information on how to get your products approved and listed.

    Why choose CHPS Products?

    If you are an Architect,

    • Our product listings make it easy to find and specify products meeting our criteria and your client's needs.
    • CHPS Products approved for low VOC content meet the LEED v4 Low emitting materials credit.
    • CHPS Products require no documentation from a project team during review for CHPS Verified recognition! 

      If you are from a School or District,

      • CHPS' review means you have to do less work to decide if a product has the right health and environmental attributes for your school. We do the work for you!
      Using our New Listings

      Starting in 2017, we began offering our pre-approved product listings in partnerships with third-party web-based resources, ZeroDocs and Sustainable Minds. Both sites are free to search.

      We remain grateful to EPA, CalRecycle, and others that supported the development of our original High Performance Products Database, and we will continue to provide product pre-approval and identification so that school and design professionals know they are selecting the healthiest and highest performing products available.

      CHPS new listing of low emitting, recycled content, certified wood, or rapidly renewable products can be found at ZeroDocs.com. To identify CHPS Pre-Approved Products, look for the CHPS letter or certificate linked on the product page. The listings may include EPDs and HPDs too.

      Use the Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog to identify products that meet our requirements for product transparency declarations (EPDs or HPDs). Look for the CHPS Product and CHPS Member logos on the manufacturer pages.


      Other Listings

      Though not affiliated with CHPS, the following sites are databases that may help teams find healthy and sustainable products that meet CHPS criteria.

      It may also be helpful to better understand chemicals of concern through ILFI's Red List:

      CA Department of Public Health has published a list of qualifying certification programs. CHPS will accept all:


      CHPS PreFAB Pre-Approved Modular Units

      As of 2016, we have one PreFAB product certified: Gen7 by American Modular Systems. The San Martin/Gwinn Elementary School in San Martin, CA was built to CHPS criteria with Gen7, and other projects are currently underway.