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Alternate Compliance OM Credits during Pandemic

This shows alternate compliance options for certain credits in the verification process, It’s based on US-CHPS but covers all editions. View the pdf 

CHPS Criteria Interpretations (CCI)

Interpretations from 2019 on are found in the table below. All prior interpretations can be viewed as a pdf: CHPS Criteria Interpretation Archive.

Interpretations may be formal (reviewed by our National Technical Committee) or informal (reviewed by a member of our technical team), depending on the substance. They may be submitted using the Request Form below or via Basecamp, our project management site. Criteria Interpretations range from unique situations requiring a case-by-case application of the criteria to clarifications applying to all projects. Registered CHPS Verified projects may request up to two Criteria Interpretations free of charge. Each additional CCI is $250 for non-members and $200 for CHPS members.

CHPS Designed projects and non-registered projects may also request interpretations at a rate of $200 per interpretation for members and $250 for non-members.

Request a CCI

CHPS Criteria Interpretations                                                                                                            

Criteria EditionSectionDateDescriptionLink
All from 2014 onIndoor Environmental Quality5/21/21Acoustical requirements in open floor plan core learning spacesCCI EQ 03
AllSites5/13/19Revision of number of bike spaces requiredCCI SS 01
AllIndoor Environmental Quality4/11/19Reverberation time in career Technical Education (CTE) classroomsCCI EQ 02
AllIndoor Environmental Quality4/4/19Reverberation time in a historic building (gym)CCI EQ 01


Corrections & Revisions

Our Criteria are continuously monitored for errors and necessary updates in between formal revision periods. Addendum are posted when substantive changes are warranted and can be downloaded.

Project teams working with our Criteria are extremely helpful in identifying items that need attention and may post questions or comments to us on Basecamp or via email. If you have find an error, please notify us using our Connect With Us form.

CHPS Criteria Corrections & Revisions
Criteria EditionTypeSection/ItemCorrection/RevisionCommentsDate Posted
CA-CHPS 2014 (v1.01 and v1.02)AdditionSS 4.0 Construction Site Runoff ControlExemption for sites <1 acre added pursuant to CA General Permit. 1/20/2021
CA-CHPS 2014 (v1.01 and v1.02)VariousVariousCA-CHPS Interim Addendum June2020Addendum and errata to bridge CA-CHPS 2014 and the 2019 Title 24.6/24/2020
CA-CHPS 2014 (v1.02)CorrectionWE 4.1 and WE 5.1Under Documentation, the submission should be the calculation of savings over the MAWA baseline not the EPA WaterSense worksheet.The WaterSense worksheet is irrelevant in the CA-CHPS Criteria and cannot be used to perform the calculation. Savings for WE 5.1 can be done with the formula outlined under Implementation for WE 4.1. CHPS does not provide a worksheet for this purpose. 4/9/2020
CA-CHPS 2014 (v1.02, 2016 update)RevisionEE 9.0 Energy Conservation InterlocksThe prerequisite is removed. EE 9.1 (for optional credit) is not affected.Title 24 Section 140.4(n) only applies to projects following the prescriptive path of Section 140. There is no need for CHPS to require it separately.11/13/2019
AllCorrectionEQ Dedicated Outdoor Air SystemsDocumentation in Design Review has been modified to: "CDs must include the required components of the DOAS. Provide the ASHRAE 62 MZ calculation spreadsheet or equivalent. Show that the system provides 100% fresh air without mixing with recirculated air; show integrated energy recovery strategy." There is no Construction Review for this item.former documentation was for ventilation systems4/15/19
All except VA-CHPSAddendumOM Benchmarking and Performance2019-OM-01 High Performance OperationsInterim approach while the ORC is not available4/11/19, revised 11/2019
US-CHPS, HI-CHPS, VA-CHPS, TX-CHPSMinor RevisionSS (1.0) Site SelectionThe requirement to use the FIT for existing buildings is removed.FIT is specific to California.4/2/19
Prior to 2014CorrectionEQ (10.1) Individual ControllabilityRequirement is only for temperature controls; lighting and ventilation do not apply. 4/2/19
AllRevisionLow Radon/radon mitigation2019-EQ-01 Low Radonnew text from Core Criteria v3 available for clarification and updated EPA references7/19/19
AllMinor RevisionII credit for Integrated Design: BIMDocumentation is revised from submission of the model in IFC format to a brief written narrative identifying which model was used and how it impacted the outcome of the design. 7/24/19



Other Determinations & FAQs

Here are useful determinations made over the course of project reviews.

Ballasted roofsBallasted roofs do not automatically comply with cool roof requirements. A full determination for a compliance path has not been made.
MERV filters in mini-splitsFilters in mini-splits do not have to meet CHPS requirements if the mini-splits are only used for localized heating and cooling.
MERV rating for pre-filtersPre-filters do not have to meet the CHPS requirement as long as the main filter meets the CHPS requirement.