Verified for Performance

Participation in CHPS Verified™ and CHPS Verified Leader™ will ensure that a school project has the required high performance features to realize the benefits associated with a high performance school including, improved health, productivity and student performance, decreased operating costs, and increased energy savings. CHPS Verified helps design teams manage the design and documentation process with tools for project oversight, plan review, and resources.

CHPS Verified Leader provides the highest level of recognition for school projects that perform well beyond minimum CHPS eligibility requirements. CHPS Verified Leader projects are CHPS Verified and have inspirational designs that incorporate their high performance features into architectural expression. The school should be an image of environmental and social responsibility and must be balanced in providing benefits to the environment, student health, and student performance.

Project teams have their construction documents, scorecard, and supporting documentation at both the design and construction phase assessed by CHPS reviewers. Accountability rests with the school district and design team to ensure accurate and complete documentation is provided. CHPS staff will be available for non-CCI questions and will oversee all phases of review to ensure quality and timeliness. 

Recognition for CHPS Verified & Verified Leader

CHPS Verified recognition is available in any state. CHPS Verified recognition is achieved once a project has been approved by CHPS through construction phase review. Projects will receive a signed verified recognition letter from CHPS' Managing Director and a CHPS Verified Plaque. CHPS will list the project on its website in our project directory. CHPS staff, board members, or advisory committee members may participate in recognition ceremonies as well as use the project in case studies based on project and availability. CHPS may also provide quotes for media use as desired.

CHPS Verified Fees and Deadlines

Fees and deadlines are subject to change. Applicable fees are those in place at the time of project registration. The member discount may be applied if either the school, the district, or the project lead is a member. Projects may register in advance to lock in fees.

    Fee Deadlines

    • Registration Fee: Paid at time of project registration, 60 days after invoicing maximum.
    • Design Review Fee: Paid at time of submission of documents for review, 30 days after invoicing maximum.
    • Construction Review Fee: Paid at time of submission of documents for review, 30 days after invoicing maximum. 

    All fees need to be received by CHPS Staff by the deadlines outlined or the project will be archived. If the project is archived, a $500 fee will be charged to renew the project. 

    Registration Fees for All Projects

    CHPS Members$900


    Review Fees

    Project review fees are based on project type and verification level sought.

    Effective August 8, 2019, the same fee structure applies to all states (former Hawaii fees no longer apply).

    Applicable to projects registered after December 31, 2014.

    Review FeeSame Price for Members/Non-Members
    Project TypeRecognition LevelReview Phase
    New / Renovation less than 50,000 sf     or
    Verified Leader$2,700$1,800
    Renovation / Major Modernization (50,000+ sf) Verified$2,700$1,800
    Verified Leader$4,350$2,200
    New Building(s) on Existing Site (50,000+ sf)Verified$3,600$2,700
    Verified Leader$5,200$3,000
    New Campus / Site (1 or more buildings)Verified$4,600$3,100
    Verified Leader$6,300$3,600
    Combination New Building & Major Modernization (existing campus)*Verified$4,600**per scope**
    Verified Leader$6,300**per scope**
    *Prior approval from CHPS necessary before pursuing this option.
    **Design Review fee may increase if multiple review phases are warranted. Construction Review fee starts at $2,700 and will be determined in consultation with CHPS and school administration.


    Additional Services

    Plaque1 Included1 Included Additional plaques may be purchased
    Letters2 Included2 Included $25 additional
    Criteria Interpretations2 Included, extras $200/ea2 Included, extras $250/ea$50 each 
    Additional Credits (after review)Contact CHPSContact CHPS  
    Additional Review PhasesContact CHPSContact CHPS Phased scopes, combination projects